The only book you'll ever need to teach chair based yoga!

the chair yoga handbook
With The Chair Yoga Handbook you can:

✓ Plan chair based yoga classes with ease!
✓ Deliver inclusive & engaging asana-centered classes.
✓ Achieve well rounded chair yoga classes for every body.
✓ Gain complete confidence in teaching chair based yoga.
✓ Create new teaching opportunities and new revenue streams.
✓ Make yoga a positive intervention in the lives of your students and the wider community!

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Enhance your yoga teaching skills.

Create new teaching opportunities that serve your community.

Showcase that yoga is for everyone…

… without looking at another chair yoga resource or youtube video... ever!

With my unique sequencing framework!

Design engaging and effective chair based yoga classes with ease!

Included in the book

• Teaching considerations:
Foster community and inclusion. 
• Unique sequencing framework:
with numerous respective practices. 
• Adaptation considerations:
for effective & inclusive class delivery. 
11x case studies:
providing you with insight and teaching tips.
• 14 ready-to-yoga class plans:
to support your busy teaching schedule.

Introductory price. Just £9.99

I found this book to be extremely valuable, reader-friendly, and a great resource on both Chair yoga and a broader understanding of Yoga overall. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in learning Chair yoga, which is the most democratic way of teaching, where everyone is welcome. Maria did a wonderful job putting it all together.


Introductory price. Just £9.99

Teach Chair Yoga: 3-Part Training

An introductory course to teaching chair based yoga

The perfect companion to The Chair Yoga Handbook!

Part 1: How to facilitate effective chair based yoga classes
Part 2: How to easily design chair based yoga sessions
Part 3: Adaptation, the key to person centered yoga classes

+ Full Length Chair Yoga Class
and clas-plan included

Lifetime access to all training sessions and resources.

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No more wasted time!
Looking for chair yoga inspiration

No more wasted money!
On expensive yoga resources

No more frustration!
Over your students' challenges & abilities


Chair yoga has been scientifically shown to:
• Promote physical wellbeing
• Enhance mood states amongst older adults
• Improve health related quality of life and mental wellbeing
• Enhance cognitive function in ageing populations
• Improve health outcomes for older adults

E-BOOK DOWNLOAD for yoga teachers.
Introductory price. Just £9.99

About the author:

I am Health Professional (BSc) and Yoga teacher and therapist. (E-RYT-500, YACEP)

I am a champion in chair based yoga and adapted yoga movement.

As a chronically ill person, I have not always been able to practice yoga with ease. Either in pain, or experiencing fatigue, stiffness and weakness in my body it has not been easy to find yoga classes that accounted for my limited abilities.

When I became a yoga teacher I quickly decided to develop teaching skills that make the practice available to those less able, older and chronically ill.

Let me show you how also!