Learn how to teach yoga props in useful and innovative ways.

Include, support and enable your students in your classes.

Make yoga accessible.
Yoga Alliance Accredited CE workshop

Make yoga poses accessible with chairs blocks and yoga

Gain a deep understanding of the purpose, function and placement of yoga props.

Become confident and efficient in supporting your students access yoga asana using props.

Fully integrate the chair in your mat-based yoga classes.

Create ease, comfort and make yoga accessible.

Instant course access with bonus live workshop on Sunday 19 May 2024 2pm UK (London)

Entirely online

10 hours of Continuous Yoga Education for Yoga teachers

Lifetime access to recordings and course materials
confidence and efficiency using props in your classes.

I am Maria, I am your host and tutor.
I am a champion in chair based yoga and adapted yoga movement.
As a chronically ill person, I have not always been able to practice yoga with ease. Either in pain, or experiencing fatigue, stiffness and weakness in my body it has not been easy to find yoga classes that accounted for my limited abilities.
When I became a yoga teacher I quickly decided to develop teaching skills that make the practice available to those less able, older and chronically ill.
Let me show you how also.
A workshop and continuous education training that will allow you to:
• Explore the practice of yoga asana with props
Foster inclusion and welcome diversity in your classes
Customise asana using props to fit all bodies
• Make the practice of asana accessible
• Fully integrate the use of the chair in your mat-based yoga classes
• Teach your students to adapt the pose to fit their body.

A welcoming space for you to ask questions and expert advice.
Lifetime access to workshop recordings and course materials.

Instant course access with bonus live workshop on Sunday 19 May 2024 2pm UK (London)

Entirely online

Online, Self-lead: rewind and return to at any time.
Lifetime access
to all videos and materials.
Bonus: Accessible restorative yoga

• Seated positions
• Chair Based
• Standing positions
• Supine
• Prone
• Kneeling
• Relaxation positions

For yoga teachers, students and experienced yoga practitioners.

•The role of props in teaching yoga.
• Exploring yoga poses with yoga props
• Chair integration in mat-based yoga classes
• BONUS: The pillars of restorative yoga
With over 6 hours of reference recorded classes included in your training.

An investment for students and yourself.
Stop scrolling through online videos and books hoping to find ways to make yoga work for your students

Take Control!
Gain the knowledge!
Support your students now!

This course is closed for enrollment.

A personal note…

Adaptation is key to the practice of yoga.

Only when yoga is adapted to one's abilities, wants and needs it can be engaging.

Only when the practice of yoga is adapted to target imbalances it can be effective.

Adaptation allows you to teach the student not the asana.

As a chronically ill person practising yoga I want to see teachers provide students with practices that become tools to manage life and health challenges and feel empowered.

Life does not stop after diagnosis of a chronic disease and life can be fulfilling with the help of yoga.

I hope you join me on this journey of empowering others through adaptation in the practice of yoga

Maria x

The small print

and FAQ's

This training is for experienced yoga practitioners, yoga students or yoga teachers.

This training is completely online. You'll need access to a computer & reliable internet connection if attending live.

You will gain instant course access, live attendance is optional

You need yoga props to explore and experiment the poses taught in this training.

You need to be fit and healthy to practice yoga asana and not practising against doctor's advice.

Recognition: This is a Yoga Alliance registered continuous education program.

Finallywe offer a 7 day money back guarantee. If you are unhappy for any reason with your purchase please get in touch.

Course enrolment entirely closes on the 18th May 2024, 2pm UK