Gentle Yoga

Monthly membership for Weekly Live, Online Yoga Classes.

▪️ Helpful and rewarding classes for all. Whether you are a beginner, injured, older, chronically awesome… or not.
▪️ A slower approach to yoga poses with live expert guidance.
▪️ A yoga practice that meets you the student:
- Adapted to your needs
- Aligned with your body
- Supported.
▪️ Online: From the heart of my studio to the heart of your home.

🧘‍♀️ Gentle Yoga: Every Thursday at 6pm (UK)
🪑 Chair Based Yoga: Wednesday 11am (UK)

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This course is closed for enrollment.

Maria Jones Chair Yoga

Hi! I am Maria

I am your host and class instructor.

I am a Health and Fitness Professional (BSc) and yoga teacher and therapist (E-RYT).

I have been teaching yoga for the last 5 years.

My aim is to provide you with safe and effective practices that address your imbalances and bring comfort to your body and your mind.

You asked:

💬 My mobility is limited, can I attend the class? Yes, but you must still be able to get on and off the floor unassisted.

💬 I have terrible standing balance, can I still attend the class? Yes, we utilise the chair for support and provide options if you are fearful of falling.

💬 Do I need any previous yoga experience to take part? No! This is a slow, mindful practice, with slow transitions and plenty of time for you to explore alignment, adaptations and the use of props.

💬 Is there a need for additional equipment? You need a non-slip yoga mat & a soft blanket that holds its shape when folded to practice. You can use common household items in place of other, additional props.

💬 What kind of yoga are we practising? This is an slow & soft asana centered practice. A synergy of adapted yoga, yin yoga, restorative yoga & meditation.

💬 What is the duration of the class? Your practice lasts 45 minutes to 1 hour, every Thursday at 6pm UK.

💬 I will not be able to attend every week. Is there a recording? There will be selected recordings in the yoga class vault for your reference when you cannot attend.

💬 Is there a minimum commitment? No. This is a low cost membership supported by social partnerships and funding. There is no contract and no minimum commitment and you can cancel your membership at any time.

💬 My question is not listed here: Get in touch

Take a look:

Gentle Yoga Sample

A short seated sequence to release tension in your back.

As previously seen in the MS Scotland Wellbeing Hub.

Thursday 6pm (UK)

Chair Based Yoga Sample

A little mobilisation sequence to release tension in your body.

Chair Based Yoga: in association with Aberdeen Independent MS

Wednesdays 11am (UK)