Chair Based Yoga Asana

Maria Jones Chair Yoga

Learn how to practice yoga asana safely and effectively using a chair.


3-hour live practical workshop recording.

PLUS 4 hours of video tutorials and practices.

Join the workshop!

Join this workshop and gain the tools you need to adapt yoga practices using the chair.

Modify the asana to suit a chair based yoga practice.
Support students in general yoga classes using the chair
• Offer a yoga practice that is effective and engaging.

Learn how chair based yoga practices can
• Enable you to include a new demographic in your yoga classes
• Enable your students to remain mobile, independent and sharp.
Maria Jones Chair Yoga

Hi! I am Maria!

The dog is a shih tzu called Cody!

I am your host and teacher.

I am a Health and Fitness Professional (BSc) and yoga teacher and therapist.

I have been teaching chair based yoga for the last 4 years.

My aim is to provide safe and effective practices for my students that address their imbalances.

Learn How to:

Practice Asana
Seated on the Chair

Support Students
Using the Chair

Adapt the Practice of Yoga to the Chair

Learn all about Chair Based Yoga Asana.

• Mobilise and warm up the body

• Support your students using the chair as a prop.

• Promote independence through later life

• Promote acuity through yoga asana

• Practice yoga poses centered around the chair.

• Integrate the chair in mat-based yoga classes

Dedicated Student Facebook Group
2x Focus Centered Chair Based Yoga classes
2x Mat & Chair Integrated Yoga Classes
Total 7h of continued yoga education

Workshop Feedback

DEMO: Working on core and back strength during a live chair based yoga class.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This training is for experienced yoga practitioners, yoga students or yoga teachers.

This training is completely online. You'll need access to a computer & reliable internet connection.

You need space to move around a chair for practicing chair yoga.

You need to be fit and healthy to practice yoga asana and not practising against doctor's advice.

Recognition: Yoga teachers registered with either Yoga Alliance Professionals or Yoga Alliance will be able to register this training as 7 continuous education hours (self paced).

Refund Policy: We offer a 7 day money back guarantee.